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    Get a personalized assessment of your hair transplant

    And customer opinions:

    I was suffering from a problem of genetic baldness, and like any person suffering from genetic baldness, I was looking for a solution to this problem and I saw cases with Dr. Alaa I got very good results, at first I hesitated until I took this step, the delay did not benefit me anything that was supposed to I took this step a long time ago but I was afraid that I would disrupt my work because of this, but it was a very necessary step.
    On the first day, there was a slight pain, but after the passage of time I did not feel anything, a month has passed so far and I am in the stage of new hair loss, and the hair will appear in the fourth month.
    The results are very comfortable, I did not suffer, and things were normal, and I did not suffer from any problem. After the fourth day, I returned to my work. I encourage anyone to do this operation, especially here at Dr. Alaa Hagag Clinic. 

    Hair transplant procedures

    Procedure time

    6-8 hours


    Local anesthesia (anesthesia option available)

    Possible side effects:

    Bleeding, infection, swelling of the scalp, bruising around the eyes, itching, numbness

    Recovery time:

    2 weeks

    Expected results:

    Once the sixth month is complete, patients see 70% of the final result. Patients need to wait until they have completed a period of one year to see 100%.

    Preferred method:

    FUE. It is the latest technology. Scar-free and painless, gives natural results.

    Get a personalized assessment of your hair transplant

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