Great hair transplants with 100 % successful results

great hair transplants

Great hair transplants,
Great hair transplants rank internationally in terms of application and procedure rates. As this procedure, contrary to popular belief, is not considered a male cosmetic procedure, but rather that it may be of greater importance for women, given that, in addition to its contribution to overcoming the problem of genetic male pattern baldness, it is an effective way to treat thinning, hair loss and partial baldness caused by diseases.

Great hair transplants

great hair transplants

The number of great hair transplants in Egypt has doubled over the past years to match the rates of increasing demand for this cosmetic procedure, whether in the form of medical centers specialized in hair transplantation or in the form of independent clinics within comprehensive beauty centers that include the Egyptian capital a large number of them.

 Hair transplantation in Egypt , especially in Cairo, and its most important advantages, methods of transplantation, and cost, all of this and more through Esthetic. Hair transplantation operations in Cairo have recorded high success rates.

The secret can be traced to the medical centers that specialize in this field that are keen to apply the highest standards of health care quality, in addition to the availability of a large group of the most skilled and best experts in the field of hair transplantation with the highest scientific qualifications.

great hair transplants in Cairo rely on 3 main techniques to perform the operations for the year 2021:

  • Hair transplantation with FUE technique
  • FUT hair transplantation
  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant

great hair transplants results

Hair grows again after a period of three to four months and then continues to grow for life. Most patients see results within six to nine months. 90% of results can be seen in a period ranging from 10 to 12 months at most.

The results of great hair transplants appeared gradually and over an extended period that may reach a year or more sometimes because these results go through more than one stage – which also varies in speed from one patient to another – but in all cases, it will not exceed a year and a half barrier, and the results of great hair transplants can be divided to the following:

First week

The first week after hair transplantation is the most sensitive stage, and if you decide to go through the experience, you must be careful during the first days to the utmost degree to maintain your safety after the operation.

The first piece of advice for you is not to move your hand too much on the place of hair transplantation and to adhere to the doctor’s instructions very precisely, and it is important not to try to wash any area of the hair regardless of its location for 44 hours after the end of the operation.

Usually, during this week, a person notices swelling and red marks in the forehead and at the site of hair transplantation, and this is normal.

second week

In the second week of hair transplantation, you will notice the disappearance of swelling and redness from the place of hair transplantation, and some scales will appear instead of them.

Then you must follow a specific medical regimen to treat dry skin in that area and replace it with appropriate moisturizers according to the instructions of the treating doctor.

Then the new hairs will start to appear as if they sprout From the beginning, the question is repeated: When will the expected results of great hair transplants appear?

the third week

You will notice the continued growth of some small hairs and the fall of others that had sprouted before them, but you do not need to worry, as new hair loss is a necessary stage that occurs for all those who underwent hair transplantation.

fourth week

By the end of the fourth week, all the hairs that had grown during the past two weeks will have fallen off, but you should not be upset, as this stage is the first sign of a successful hair transplant, because it will be followed by better and more intense hair growth.

great hair transplants

great hair transplants results

In the end of the first month to the second, the person notices during the second month after the end of the operation that he returned to his first appearance and that there is no difference between the results of hair transplantation before and after, but in fact, that stage is just smoothing and a period of rest for the roots of the hair that must be necessary before they return and grow again stronger than the first that fell.

The third and fourth month

A new hair begins to appear gradually, of course not all bulbs grow in the transplanted area at the same time, but it takes about two months to notice that most of the hair follicles have begun to grow, noting that the hair looks thin and thin compared to the hair in the surrounding area, and this is something Usual so you don’t have to worry about it.

Fifth and sixth month

Expect that the rate of hair growth at this stage will not exceed 20% of the transplanted hair and do not worry about the result of the hair transplantation process, these are normal rates and are not considered late, and that is why many doctors and specialists consider the sixth month of the great hair transplants procedure as the beginning of the first visible and satisfactory result to their patients.

The seventh month through the ninth month

Starting from the seventh month, you will notice hair growth in the transplanted area better than before after dealing with great hair transplants, so that you will be able to comb it, and most importantly, the length will be thicker from the beginning, until you will notice that it has become natural in terms of texture and texture compared to the surrounding area, so you should not rush the results.

Initial hair transplantation until that stage has passed completely, before asking when will the results of hair transplantation appear? From the ninth month until the end of the first year.

The person gets satisfactory results for his ambitions of up to 80% only, knowing that the rest of that percentage will be completed during the first half of the second year of the operation, and this happens to most people.

Second Year

Most people get the desired result from the great hair transplants in the middle of the second year after the procedure, and they also notice that the thickness and density of the hair itself have become much better.

great hair transplants reviews

great hair transplants

The prices of hair transplantation are significantly lower than the global average price.

The availability of a selection of great hair transplants experts from members of the International great hair transplants society or equivalent medical organizations.

Great hair transplants centers are concerned with applying the highest standards of health care quality and activating infection control programs.

As for the negatives, they are almost non-existent and are limited to some factors not related to the quality of the medical services provided, such as the deterioration of the level of public facilities and poor services provided through them, but this is something that can be easily overcome by requesting the same services through offices and private establishments.

Great hair transplants in Egypt

Dr. Alaa’s clinic is one of the most famous and the best great hair transplants.
Dr. Alaa’s hair great hair transplant center in Egypt provides many advantages that were a direct reason for the increase in demand for this cosmetic procedure.

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