Is hair transplant safe? || The 5 most important factors for choosing the best doctor

Is hair transplant safe?

Is hair transplant safe?

Is hair transplant safe? A question that entices many people who are thinking about performing a hair transplant procedure, and in fact, studies and statistics have proven that hair transplantation is considered a very safe cosmetic surgery, with a very large percentage of more than 95%, and this is what made large numbers of those who suffer from hair loss problems go to the operation hair transplantation, whether for women or men, while these numbers are increasing in recent times due to the development in the techniques used in hair transplantation, but the emergence of more advanced techniques that give impressive results with minimal complications and at a reasonable cost.

Is hair transplant safe and permanent?

Large numbers of skilled, experienced, and highly qualified doctors, and this is the most important reason for hair transplantation to be safe to a degree that cannot be achieved in any other type of surgery, also the development of medical equipment and tools and modern devices helped strongly in making hair transplantation safer than before.

The most important factors that make hair transplantation safe

Is hair transplant safe? Hair transplantation operations have become the most important and best resort for everyone who suffers from hair problems such as severe loss, genetic baldness, or baldness due to one of the diseases or partial baldness, because hair transplantation is now able to give the best results and completely safe, especially because of the availability of several basic factors:


The extent of the presence of highly skilled and qualified doctors

It is known that the doctor is the most important and first factor in obtaining a safe hair transplant with a high rate and a high success rate, especially as it is a process that needs a lot of accuracy, professionalism, and skill in its conduct.

Fortunately, there are now large numbers of qualified doctors and a long professional history rich in conducting many cases One of the successful hair transplantation operations, and the doctor’s role is not limited to conducting hair transplantation only, but it starts from counseling and awareness through to the procedure and to the follow-up and providing instructions to ensure the success of the process without the slightest side effects.

For this patient, when wanting to perform a hair transplant and asking is hair transplant safe, they must be very careful in choosing the surgeon who will perform the hair transplant, the following conditions must be met:

  • He must have specialized certificates in the field of cosmetology, and prefer the field of hair transplantation
  • To have a professional record of many successful cases
  • To have a good reputation
  • To have experience and knowledge of all that is new in hair transplantation techniques
  • To have a trained and skilled associate team


The reputation and name of the medical center where the hair transplant is performed

Is hair transplant safe?  The medical center is one of the most important factors that must be carefully chosen in order to get a safe hair transplant, because the medical center is the one in which hair transplantation is performed, and fortunately there are also large numbers of medical centers specialized in the cosmetic sector, especially hair transplantation.

The medical staff is skilled doctors and they have the competence to do hair transplantation completely safe, but to get this you must choose the medical center according to some necessary criteria such as:

  1. The medical center must be legal and operate with official licenses
  2. To enjoy a good reputation
  3. To have all the necessary capabilities to perform hair transplantation operations.
  4. That it has all the advanced medical supplies and devices for hair transplantation
  5. To have an operating room at the highest level of sterilization and cleanliness, and it contains all the tools required to perform this type of operation.

The most important safe hair transplant techniques

Is hair transplant safe?  To ensure that hair transplantation is completely safe, it is necessary to choose a suitable technique for the case, and this can be done through consultation with the specialist doctor, after the emergence of many types of hair transplantation techniques, most of which give good results and with the least complications.

every day new technologies appear that It gives better results than the previous techniques and treats the complications that it carries, but all of these techniques are based on a basic idea which is to extract a number of the patient’s hair follicles from good places and implant them in the affected areas, and the most famous of these techniques are the following:


Hair transplant with extraction technique (FUE) :

The extraction technique is one of the most important and best safe hair transplant techniques, through which the doctor can transplant a large number of follicles in a small area, and this technique is characterized by that it gives the best results and almost without complications.

Is hair transplant safe? The problem of large scars that were left by the hair transplantation technique is avoided, in which the doctor extracts each follicle separately and puts it in a preservative liquid to purify it and enhance its strength and efficiency, and after making the holes in the affected area, the new follicles are implanted.


Necessary advice for hair transplantation to be safe

Is hair transplant safe? In order for the patient to ensure that hair transplantation is highly safe and gives results that satisfy his aspirations, he must follow all the instructions provided by the specialist doctor before and after the procedure, and among the most important of these tips that greatly affect the results of hair transplantation are the following:

  • Never touch the implanted follicles, especially during the first week
  • Avoid any head trauma
  • Not to remove the medical bandage until two days after the operation
  • Sleep with the head raised, and several pillows can be used for this
  • Not to be exposed to the sun directly during the first week
  • Not to practice swimming or any strenuous sport during the first month
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Take medicines and painkillers according to the doctor’s instructions so that the wounds can heal quickly
  • Wash the hair with an appropriate type of shampoo, and it is preferable to use baby shampoo because it is gentle on the scalp
  • Resorting to a specialist doctor if anything unusual happens.

Is hair transplant safe for diabetic

Short hair transplantation can lead to an increase in the levels of cortisol, glucagon and hormones, which leads to an increase in sugar levels and a decrease in insulin production as well. Insulin dose must be taken by patients before the procedure to ensure that the blood sugar level does not drop.

Is hair transplant safe for pregnant women?

Hair transplantation for pregnant women is a safe and possible process without fear of any side effects or complications that harm the mother or the fetus, so when a woman suffers during pregnancy with hair loss or bald spots, she hastens to use many medicines and products to restore lost hair, but unfortunately, most of these products It does not always produce satisfactory results. Baldness may continue to develop over time. However, for this reason, hair transplantation in this case is the best way to treat baldness and hair loss.

Where the medical team confirms in the clinics of Dr. Alaa in Cairo that hair transplantation for pregnant women is a completely safe procedure and does not involve any risk to the woman or the fetus. Unlike some chemical medicines such as Minoxidil, which are dangerous to the fetus and it is preferable to stay away from them during pregnancy so that there are no serious complications that cause harm to the woman or her child.

Despite that, some women prefer to postpone the hair transplant process until the pregnancy ends and the hormones return to normal, as it is then possible to deal with the problem of baldness and hair loss in an abstract manner and there is no harm in that anyway.

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