Hair transplant services with great results 100%

Hair transplant services,

Hair transplant services,
Hair transplant services are one of the cosmetic surgeries that have met a remarkable demand by all men or women who suffer from hair loss problems, and perhaps the reason for the increasing demand for this type of surgery is due to its ability to permanently achieve impressive results, as well as the multiplicity of modern techniques available for a transplant. Hair, which ultimately aims to comfort the patient and satisfy his cosmetic requests. Hair transplantation takes 4-6 hours, but it is painless and is done under local anesthesia.

hair transplant services

hair transplant services

hair transplant services Egypt

  • The Arab Republic of Egypt, Egypt is one of the Arab countries in which there is a demand for plastic surgery of all kinds, including hair transplantation, and despite its decline in many areas in recent years, it has developed medically and recently plastic centers in Egypt have been able to return to the field of plastic surgery. By improving the level of medical services and providing attractive offers for medical tourism.
  • Hair transplantation operations in Egypt and all countries are among the most requested cosmetic procedures, and the secret is due to the nature of the process itself, which makes it important for men and women alike, and partial or total baldness is seen as an apparent deformity that everyone wants to get rid of and restore Good looks, distinctive, and self-confidence.

How successful is a hair transplant services?

  • Getting a hair transplant is a big decision and we are sure that you put a lot of thought into it before getting this important decision. Before you go ahead and book our hair transplant consultation, there are 6 things we think you should know before performing the procedure.
  • Hair transplantation is an amazing procedure that can make a big difference to your hair, and your confidence. Hair transplantation is a wonderful and practical procedure that gives amazing results, but we don’t use magic to help you get your hair back. It is important to understand the nature of your alopecia and hair loss. The donor area from which the follicles are extracted is important that it is of reasonable density so that the surgeon can work with it without any future problems.
  • We can only work with the hair you have if you have a receding hairline or have thinning hair at the top of your head. We use another area of ​​the scalp for hair transplant services, which is the donor area. In most cases, we ingest hair from the back of the scalp and on both sides and implanted it in the target areas.

The transplanted hair is your hair

  • Many of our clients ask us questions about how to treat their transplanted hair after the procedure. Some people worry that if they do not treat the hair properly, they will damage and lose it.
  • We’ve had clients asking us if they need to use different shampoo products in the transplanted area, the good news is, of course not. Your transplanted hair can be treated the same way you would your natural hair. Once you have planted them and you follow the aftercare instructions, your new hair is just as fine as your previous natural hair.
hair transplant services

hair transplant services

Hair transplantation is a permanent process

  • Transplanting your hair is a permanent treatment. When it comes to deciding which treatment is right for you, always remember this before you spend a lot of money on hair care products or non-permanent treatments like minoxidil.
  • If you are looking for a hair restoration solution, it is important to remember that hair transplantation is a permanent solution because that should play a large part in the decision-making process.

Hair transplant cost

  • The cost of hair transplant services is one of the biggest things to consider when performing a hair transplant. We know from experience that they are the most frequently asked questions before booking an initial consultation.
  • Hair transplantation is an expensive treatment but the cost is worth it in the long run. It is important to consider how much money you will save by not purchasing expensive hair products or other temporary procedures. Hair transplantation is one cost that achieves the best permanent results and does not require any future expenses.

Various hair transplant techniques

  • When it comes to hair restoration and hair transplant services, there are a variety of different procedures, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you. If you have decided to transplant hair, just remember that there are two different types of procedures that have always been used which are FUE hair transplantation and Slide hair transplantation.
  • In our time, advanced scientific research has been able to rely more on FUE technology to develop it better to achieve successful hair transplantation.
  • At the Dr. Whitken Bayer Center, for example, the research team was able to develop some uses for implant pens and combine them with some oblique canal hair transplant techniques to achieve great results. These updates create a successful process and reduce recovery time and final results.

Choose a surgeon before surgery

  • Choosing the ideal hair transplant clinic can be a difficult decision, but it is very important and detailed in the results of hair transplant services. There are a variety of things to consider when choosing your hair transplant clinic, such as looking at the results of their past operations, the treatments offered, and their consultation process. Don’t just be drawn to the low-price list which can be deceptive. Just try to make an effort to find a good reputation, good spread, and long surgical experience.

how safe is a hair transplant

  • hair transplant services are cosmetic procedures rather than surgical procedures, which means that the situation does not feel any pain during the hair transplant services, stressing that hair transplantation using the FUE technique is 100% safe medically.

what are FUE Hair transplant services?

It is a hair transplantation surgery in which the hair follicles are transferred from a dense area of hair such as: (the back of the head and sometimes the sides of the hair) to an area without hair or an area where hair loss is frequent, leaving scars in the form of small points that heal quickly, and quickly covered with existing hair.

hair transplant services

hair transplant services

Before hair transplant

The first stage: counseling and preparation

At the beginning of the hair transplant services, patients sit for individual consultation with the specialist doctor.

 It is important to carry out an individual evaluation for each case and to determine the optimal number of follicles to be transplanted, in addition to their location.

The second stage: extraction of the follicles from the donor area

During this step, the surgeon uses a specialized tool to extract grafts from the patient’s donor area. The donor grafts are traditionally extracted from the back and sides of the scalp.

The third stage: preparing the follicles

During and after follicle extraction, our team takes effective measures to preserve the follicles to prepare them for transplantation.

Fourth stage: cultivation

Once a sufficient number of follicles are extracted, the specialist surgeon begins to implant them, and the accompanying team loads the individual follicles into the transplantation pens, one by one, and passes them to the surgeon.

after hair transplant

  • After the main stages of hair transplant services are complete, it is important to follow the aftercare procedures correctly.
  • Hair should be shampooed daily to remove scales.
  • After about 7-10 days, there will be no traces of dry blood or scales on your scalp.
  • You can start washing your hair in the normal way no later than fourteen days after transplantation.
  • If necessary, the hair can be washed more than once a day after the procedure.

best hair transplant surgeon

Egypt ranks relatively high in the Arab countries’ ranking list in plastic surgery and the number of plastic surgeons. Accordingly, it has a large number of doctors that can be described as the best hair transplant doctor in Egypt, especially since most of them hold international accreditations and their expertise is used by major medical centers in several Arab countries.

A large number of doctors who offer hair transplant services in Egypt have long experience in this field and they are certified by their competence. This was a major reason for the popularity of this type of surgery and the high success it achieved, although a large percentage of these centers lack the most modern hair transplant techniques. Such as stem cell hair transplant services – which have become popular in other countries.

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